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distil / дистиллировать, перегонять, гнать
distill, distil, still
surpass, distill, distil, ferry, outdistance, outrun
drive, hunt, run, race, drive out, distil
To aid purification, TiO 2 has to be transformed into its corresponding tetrachloride, which is volatile and therefore easier to distil .
In his optimism, Sale has even talked about exporting ethanol, at the same time touting Manitoba as a cheap place to grow the grain used to distil ethanol.
distil the leaves of some agrimony
they managed to distil a small quantity of water
About one third of the smoke constituents, including nicotine, distil out of tobacco in this region.
The humpback weatherfront now hauls slow tarps of rain across our hills, but what is the pool where praise distils ?
I don't write messy realism; I write philosophically-driven, distilled , and consciously framed fiction.
Water, doubly distilled over quartz, was purified by Milli-Q Plus system (Millipore, Bedford, MA).
As the steam condenses, the essential oil is distilled from the water.
The control group was given distilled water plus saline.