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distend / раздувать, надуваться, растягивать
blow up, fan, blow, stir up, distend, foment
inflate, swell, distend, pout, blow up, belly
stretch, stretch out, pull, expand, extend, distend
swell or cause to swell by pressure from inside.
the abdomen distended rapidly
air is introduced into the stomach to distend it
air is introduced into the stomach to distend it
In other words, put something into the lungs that will put pressure on them and distend them, and at the same time, be safe.
The breathing pattern should be observed, and the patient should be asked to distend the abdomen and then flatten it.
The carbon dioxide in soft drinks can distend your stomach.
The brachial and carotid arteries were tested for intima-media thickness and arterial distensibility .
Additionally, there were a few children in the group with thin frames and distended bellies which I normally associate with malnutrition.
Her head is swollen and her tiny stomach distended .
Also I'd just had a large helping of pudding at lunch and my stomach was bloated and distended , making seatbelt use out of the question.
It has an immense bill, and in breeding season its distensible gular pouch is olive to red.