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distaste / отвращение, неприязнь
имя существительное
disgust, aversion, revulsion, distaste, repulsion, loathing
dislike, distaste, enmity, disaffection, objection, spite
питать отвращение
abhor, detest, abominate, distaste, execrate, hold in abomination
испытывать неприязнь
dislike, distaste
имя существительное
mild dislike or aversion.
Harry nurtured a distaste for all things athletic
The distaste was tangible across his face and he shuddered perceptibly.
Such literatures often reveal an authorial distaste for the social types involved.
Jocelyn laughed and gave Red a hug, much to the distaste of the rest of the room and Dominic.
He also displayed a distaste or lack of appreciation for the scientific method.
Graham, you are not the first to suggest my opinion stemmed from a distaste of boxing.
The shock of the new was superseded by a spiteful distaste for the prematurely aged.
Nothing of the film remains with the viewer except the vague distaste it generates.
There was some mild distaste in his tone, which told me what he thought of the partygoers.
That is an extreme distaste for the patenting system as it is applied throughout the world.
his mouth twisted with distaste