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distantly / отдаленно, сдержанно, холодно
reservedly, frostily, guardedly, modestly, reticently, distantly
coldly, chilly, icily, frigidly, frostily, distantly
far away.
distantly he heard shouts
Because his parents distantly knew mine, I heard that about four years ago his parents divorced.
She could only distantly hear the shouts of her comrades over the rushing water and her own anxious heartbeat.
Their generation, I imagine, experienced the war more distantly as a disturbed era that ended in national humiliation.
‘That is Old Choseon, the place to which we travel,’ I distantly heard Attila say.
I hear Roberts' voice call out distantly , even though he's right in front of me.
She distantly heard Jade closing the window, and she went on walking.
She could hear them talking distantly as she thought about getting down.
Khanor was only watching, devoid of emotion, and Brooke could distantly hear Katsi moaning and sputtering in the front seat.
We observed a slight correlation in the month of birth for closely spaced siblings, but not among more distantly spaced offspring.
At Oxford, she fell somewhat distantly in love with the poet and gifted linguist Frank Thompson.