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distant / далекий, отдаленный, дальний
имя прилагательное
far, distant, remote, faraway, farther, further
remote, distant, outlying, farther, far, faraway
further, far, distant, farthest, remote, farther
имя прилагательное
far away in space or time.
distant parts of the world
(of a person) not intimate; cool or reserved.
his children found him strangely distant
You need to have thought of almost every eventuality when landing on a distant moon in a remote corner of the Solar System.
I snap to attention, finding myself irritated by the distant glint in her shapely eyes.
Sometimes the distant and remote are better at igniting our compassion than the close and familiar.
He was distant with his daughter and didn't even bother to attend her wedding.
Jack was distant , unfriendly at best, and then he even abruptly pulled out a textbook and started to read it, blocking us out completely.
Kaitya nodded, her eyes were beginning to regain their glazed distant feel.
But something seemed to have changed between them, and now they were distant with each other.
She looks more human now, but still behaves like her distant cousins.
He has very dark hair and lovely eyes and if you roughed him up a bit he could pass for a distant cousin of George Clooney's on a dark night.
Alyssa listened too and heard the distant sound of footsteps coming down the hall.