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distance / расстояние, дистанция, дальность
имя существительное
distance, length, spacing, space, interval, width
distance, range, lap
range, distance
alienate, distance, estrange
оставлять далеко позади себя
circumvent, get round, outflank, come round, distance, come over
имя существительное
an amount of space between two things or people.
I bicycled the short distance home
the full length of a race.
he claimed the 10,000 meter title in only his second race over the distance
the avoidance of familiarity; aloofness or reserve.
a mix of warmth and distance makes a good neighbor
make (someone or something) far off or remote in position or nature.
her mother wished to distance her from the rough village children
Looking from a distance , the village appears more like a picture scroll with strong local flavour than reality.
he stormed home by a distance in the Handicap Chase
This is a family home with spectacular panoramic views over Inverness, the span of the Kessock Bridge visible in the distance .
A couple of dots in the distance were visible on the ground.
I could always feel the distance separating us as tangible as a stone wall.
But I cannot look upon these plans at a distance of six months, without feeling that past events ought to teach me how little I can depend on the future.
The residential electronics industry has traveled a considerable distance in a relatively short time.
Looking up, he saw Evander who was looking straight into the distance at the land that would not be seen for a while longer.
Yet the sense of space, of distance , the remoteness of the places through which one travelled never contained a hint of menace.
The racing distance in the World Championships is governed by time, with the race lasting 40 minutes.