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distal / дистальный, периферический, отдаленный от центра
имя прилагательное
peripheral, circumferential, distal
отдаленный от центра
distal, outer
имя прилагательное
situated away from the center of the body or from the point of attachment.
the distal end of the tibia
In the presence of an arterial stenosis, a reduction in pressure occurs distal to the lesion.
In distal areas, a layered sedimentary unit appears under the chaotic unit.
Wonoka units 4 and 5 include distal turbidites and are of relatively deep water origin.
This disorder occurs because of median nerve entrapment distal to the elbow.
These often overlie distal bayhead delta mouthbar facies, and commonly have a sharp erosive base.
Similar laminated deposits are formed in more distal periglacial lakes.
The spherules in South Greenland are the first distal impact ejecta recognized in mid-Precambrian strata.
Retinal prostheses are only viable if the visual pathway distal to the retina is intact and functional.
The stomach and small bowel were dilated due to there being colonic atresia just distal to the cecum.
This section passes through the upper third of the forearm distal to the insertion of the arm muscles.