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distaff / прялка, женское дело, ручная прялка
имя существительное
distaff, wheel, spinning-wheel
женское дело
ручная прялка
имя существительное
a stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning.
Then she brought forth a sack of carded wool, and three distaffs , and brought this all over to where we sat.
It's just that Tim Davis, Scott Peterman, Dan Torop and Mark Wyse, although as adept as their distaff colleagues, have less in common.
Fillies and mares will benefit the most from the increased racing opportunities with seven new races restricted to the distaff division.
It was used as a weigh loft, in which the woollen yarn produced by the country women's distaff and spinning-wheel was weighed out to the cap, jacket, or cloth manufacturers.
In the absence of anything more appealing just now, concocting distaff versions of some of the sport's more illustrious bouts from the past is reckoned to be good business.
The distaff by Barbauld's account is not restricted to women, nor is it a degradation to be employed by men.
Her profession seems almost engraved in her form as she holds the distaff under her arm, draws the thread skillfully from it, and winds it on the bobbin with her other hand, all the while looking fixedly, eyes not quite focused, at us.
As well, the greater efficiency of the spinning wheel probably led to lower piecework rates for all spinning, whether with distaff or wheel, despite the fact that wheel-spun yarn was not always the suitable material.
At first glance, it feels like a distaff version of the same revenge saga, but gradually it reveals itself as even more baroque than its immediate predecessor.
While I'm dishing out the demerits, lest you think it was all distaff damage, know that my father went through a rather extraordinary ice-cream phase.
In the distaff category, the Romanian girls won the first three tournaments.