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dissonance / диссонанс, разлад, несоответствие
имя существительное
dissonance, discord, discordant note, discordance, disharmony, jarring
discord, dissonance, dissension, disagreement, disunity, disunion
discrepancy, disparity, nonconformity, nonconformance, imbalance, dissonance
имя существительное
lack of harmony among musical notes.
an unusual degree of dissonance for such choral styles
Such dissonance discredits our global institutions.
Around the turn of the century, composers began to experiment with atonality, dissonance and primitive rhythms.
Grimaud's ability to evoke both sensitive tonal shadings and clangorous dissonance made this movement an overwhelming experience.
I really like watching his HK films with that dissonance in mind, looking for the different ways Chinese culture expects stories to be told.
It's another example of how Ives associated dissonance and technical demands with masculinity, overcoming challenges, and prowess on the baseball field.
The dissonance will be increasingly difficult to maintain.
Grainger also intensifies dissonance from the normal ‘melody’ instruments and draws an acidic sound from the winds, by emphasizing the double reeds.
The factors that produce motivation may be strongly influenced by the creation of social and intrapsychic dissonance which may be important to sustaining the quitters intentionality.
The dark, pessimistic feeling in me was clashing in dissonance with my attempt to rationalize at the time.
Much of its punch derives from new-minted, surprising chord progressions and pungent dissonance , an idiom Barber carries to the end of the setting.