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dissolution / растворение, роспуск, распад
имя существительное
dissolution, solution, dilution, resolution
dissolution, dismissal, dismission
decay, disintegration, decomposition, breakdown, breakup, dissolution
dissolution, denunciation, denouncement
liquidation, dissolution, dropping-out
имя существительное
the closing down or dismissal of an assembly, partnership, or official body.
the dissolution of their marriage
debauched living; dissipation.
an advanced state of dissolution
The second is a flowing, serpentine face coiled around the unutterable disgrace of national decomposition and dissolution .
High porosites are also found in some limestones and other carbonate rocks in which pores created by depositional processes or fracturing have been enlarged by dissolution of carbonate minerals.
The opposition Congress Party won only 51 seats, two less than in 1998 and 12 less than its numbers prior to the assembly's dissolution in July.
The evolution and eventual dissolution of galaxy clusters may be largely driven by collisions.
the dissolution of their marriage
The formation of a solution of the salt in the water by this process is called dissolution .
the Prime Minister asked the queen for a dissolution of Parliament
A cedar shingle wall is beautiful from the start of its life all the way through to final dissolution .
He is the dissolution called death, the peace of motionless air.
the dissolution of their marriage