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dissolute / развратный, беспутный, распутный
имя прилагательное
dissolute, lewd, lecherous, bestial
dissolute, dissipated, raffish, gay, scampish, rakish
dissolute, lewd, wanton, lecherous, immoral, rakish
become a whore, become depraved, dissolute
имя прилагательное
lax in morals; licentious.
a dissolute, drunken, disreputable rogue
Although many British journalists of my acquaintance verge on the dissolute - sloppy drunks trying to cadge a free meal - Michael, an American who was shortly to become an English legend, outdid them all.
Countless examples could be cited - including earlier works by Regnault himself - that predict the dissolute male figure and white-skinned women.
What I discovered in Bruce Hindmarsh's learned biography was that Newton became a convert not because of his disgust for the slave trade, but because of his horror at the dissolute life he had led.
The women and girls who prostitute themselves to these wretches are dissolute creatures.
Drunk and dissolute , he's wasting his life someplace when he gets called in to investigate a 1500 year old church in a part of Africa that didn't have Christianity 1500 years ago.
I think this album is tremendous in several places, in fact; a messy, dissolute record that pulls off the stunt of being musically emotionally open while lyrically open to interpretation.
He was careless, dissolute , and ambitious; - idle, or doing mischief.
But the dissolute West presents another - and who knows?
They believe this country is the only hope of the world and they feel that this country is becoming more and more powerful on the one hand, but on the other, is rapidly growing more dissolute .
But I truly believe that Vegas serves as a refuge for those not permitted to be dissolute in their native environments.