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dissociate / диссоциировать, отмежеваться, отделять
dissociate, disassociate
dissociate, disassociate, disavow, dissociate oneself from
separate, set apart, detach, dissociate, divide, isolate
disconnect or separate (used especially in abstract contexts).
voices should not be dissociated from their social context
(with reference to a molecule) to split into separate smaller atoms, ions, or molecules, especially reversibly.
these compounds are dissociated by solar radiation to yield atoms of chlorine
Helicases are protein motors that use the energy of NTP hydrolysis to dissociate the hydrogen bonding between the nucleic acid duplexes and also to disrupt other non-covalent interactions between complementary base pairs.
Ideas being considered include the use of hot water or steam flooding to decompose the hydrate, or by using methods that dissociate the gas by reducing reservoir pressure.
More commonly, individuals dissociate parts of themselves from their primary relationship.
he took pains to dissociate himself from the religious radicals
he took pains to dissociate himself from the religious radicals
Also, by and large, film-makers are dissociating themselves from the cinema of the 1970s and the 1980s - which was largely escapist - to tackle subjects that are moored in reality.
Each character and object in the dream is a split off or dissociated component of the self - but the dreamer is not fully aware of this.
From a dissociated perspective, mental rehearsal allows a person to be more like the editor or director of the play or movie.
It's a language created by the right, and now frequently circulated by the left as they hasten to endear themselves to middle Australia by dissociating themselves from the unfashionably socially concerned.
Where policy is radically dissociated from the reality of death, the paradoxical result is a society dominated by the logic of death.