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dissipate / рассеивать, рассеять, рассеиваться
scatter, dissipate, dispel, disperse, diffuse, disseminate
dispel, dissipate, disperse, scatter
scatter, dissipate, disperse, lift, break, tail away
disperse or scatter.
the cloud of smoke dissipated
squander or fritter away (money, energy, or resources).
he had dissipated his entire fortune
At the same time, given the growth in household information, given integration, it's unlikely that the core for the housing market will evaporate or dissipate .
You dissipate resources by maintaining economically unviable units.
he wanted to dissipate his anger
Plus, these harsh emotions were already starting to dissipate , and I truly didn't want to unnerve my best friend.
In minimum-security prisons, like the camp in Florence, Colorado where I currently am confined, racial tensions tend to dissipate , if not disappear.
Heneghan's third free and fifth point of the game, coming in the 55th minute, barely stirred the emotion as the Roscommon cause began to dissipate .
These agents will evaporate and dissipate much more rapidly in hot, dry weather.
I don't hold on to the anger, if I can just let it dissipate on its own.
The fact that very few of the cathedral's stained-glass windows could be opened meant the smoke was slow to dissipate .
Too often, free flowing emotions of sympathy dissipate with the initial fascination, without confronting the long-term consequences of misfortune.