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dissimilar / несходный, разнородный, непохожий
имя прилагательное
dissimilar, different, discrepant, diverse
heterogeneous, dissimilar, promiscuous, mixed, medley, manifold
dissimilar, different
имя прилагательное
not alike; different.
a collection of dissimilar nations lacking overall homogeneity
It would be hard to think of two European nations more dissimilar , historically, than the Italians and the Scots.
I tend to read two dissimilar books in parallel, and sense for links.
These days it's a holiday destination not too dissimilar to Brighton.
She and her seven students were so dissimilar that under ordinary circumstances they might never have been friends.
Perhaps that's not dissimilar to most teenagers, but naturally I can only speak for myself and my behaviour.
The design does not seem to be so dissimilar from what happened during the initial phase of the Nazi regime in Germany.
But we're assured dolphin is a kind of Bajan fish not dissimilar to tuna.
One pair was even found to be as dissimilar as prints from different people.
They are playing in not too dissimilar ways, to how they were playing in the 2000 Olympics.
Different geographical areas connect to the debates on globalisation in dissimilar ways.