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dissident / диссидент, инакомыслящий, сектант
имя существительное
dissident, maverick, dissenter, nonconformist, seceder
dissident, maverick, nonconformist, far-outer
sectarian, sectary, dissenter, dissident, nonconformist
имя прилагательное
dissident, dissenting
dissident, dissenting, dissentient, nonconformist, otherwise-minded
придерживающийся других взглядов
имя прилагательное
in opposition to official policy.
there is only one explicitly dissident voice to be heard
имя существительное
a person who opposes official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state.
a dissident who had been jailed by a military regime
The teachers are part of a dissident movement against the official union bureaucracy.
This book covers some 30 dissident papers in the US, and sketches the social needs that led to their publication.
This is not an unreasonable strategy, particularly prior to the internet revolution when dissident outreach was limited in the extreme.
Walsh called for the museum to become a rallying point for dissident views.
It is part of a tradition of dissident visionaries whose visions made them critical of everyday life, like William Blake.
Even dissident local government councillors are being silenced by these big money threats.
It championed democratic dissident movements behind the Iron Curtain as a challenge to Soviet power.
Insofar as dissident writers consider the profits made from drugs, we find an extremely one-sided response.
Trenchard was able to offer his small and relatively inexpensive force as a cost-effective way to keep dissident colonials in check.
The continuing sideshows in both dissident republican and loyalist camps compound their problems.