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disservice / плохая услуга, ущерб, вред
имя существительное
плохая услуга
disservice, ill office
damage, prejudice, harm, detriment, injury, disservice
harm, damage, detriment, injury, hurt, disservice
имя существительное
a harmful action.
you have done a disservice to the African people by ignoring this fact
An educational system that does not teach economically viable skills is a disservice to the nation.
Okay, I do agree that by not complaining I'm doing a disservice to all consumers.
Here was a chance to look candidly at the way multi-culturalism in Bradford has done a disservice to race relations.
We Americans do ourselves a disservice if we think we can work miracles overnight.
Slater actually does viewers a disservice by being less than embarrassing here.
By ignoring these issues in their reviews, critics are doing a great disservice to their readers.
Appeasement does not work and those who endorse it are doing an enormous disservice to their people.
We both have our lives to live, and being airlifted out of the central field does a disservice to both of us.
This was a fine privilege for its editors and a confusing disservice to your readership.
The article does a real disservice to those children who do have learning differences.