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dissertation / диссертация, трактат
имя существительное
thesis, dissertation, paper
treatise, tractate, dissertation, discourse
имя существительное
a long essay on a particular subject, especially one written as a requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.
Joe wrote his doctoral dissertation on Thucydides
Why not study the literature on terrorism and write a dissertation on its implications for organizations?
Then she went to Harvard because it would allow her to write her dissertation as a black lesbian.
It may be that you have to write a dissertation of around 10,000 to 15,000 words for your degree.
she went on then into a dissertation on her family's love of Ireland
However, when it was time for him to write his dissertation , he could not go far from his own culture.
She has to write a dissertation on patients' rights for her course in medical law and ethics, at King's College London.
As the time to write a dissertation approached, Fisher had still not chosen his life work.
I did most of my dissertation away from the university, for which I am grateful.
I am writing about how World War Two affected the lives of women in Britain for my university dissertation .
Joe wrote his doctoral dissertation on Thucydides