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dissent / несогласие, раскол, разногласие
имя существительное
dissent, negative, noncompliance, incompliance, rent, jar
split, schism, cleavage, break, secession, dissent
disagreement, discord, difference, odds, dissension, dissent
расходиться во мнениях
disagree, differ in opinion, differ, be at variance, dissent
расходиться во взглядах
discord, disaccord, dissent
расходиться в убеждениях
имя существительное
the expression or holding of opinions at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially held.
there was no dissent from this view
hold or express opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially expressed.
two members dissented from the majority
One perspective reflected a background of English / Welsh dissent and the other a Scots / Irish covenanter tradition.
They issue Tracts carrying forward a debate about Anglican identity: the Church of England would be Catholic but it would stand against Popery on the one hand and dissent on the other.
These words provoked no murmurs of dissent from this largely Republican crowd.
Historians sometimes make the mistake of thinking that early modern religious dissent argues secularization.
A state religious court evaluating nonconformity or dissent deserves whatever answers it receives.
People can disagree, differ and dissent , even within the ruling party, without this negatively affecting the stability of our country and the peace that we continue to enjoy.
Fair enough, but why did we hear so little dissent from within the movement?
He pointed out that it was easy to exaggerate the importance of Australian expressions of dissent from Allied plans, and Curtin's messages.
He can be unpredictable and even manage to dissent from established opinion, if only on the margin.
An ‘anti-national’ Press is not alone in its dissent from the orchestrated spectacle.