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dissension / разногласие, распри, раздоры
имя существительное
disagreement, discord, difference, odds, dissension, discrepancy
discord, dissension, quarrel, faction
имя существительное
disagreement that leads to discord.
this maneuver caused dissension within feminist ranks
After much dissension and debate Parliament voted for the move to Wellington as a city near the centre of the country.
The two tried to join forces, with Chiang as the head of the National Revolutionary Army, but dissension led to a civil war.
There was no mention of any debate or dissension about the tubes at all.
this manoeuvre caused dissension within feminist ranks
So, tremendous dissension over here within the Transport Workers' Union.
Political opposition to the Confederate government matched dissension within the western army.
When others choose not to practice within the boundaries, dissension and even errors can result.
There is no room for dissension in our ranks, no place for you to disagree with me.
In essence, we have an elected king and any real dissension within the government tends to hand all those powers to the opposition.
This exacerbated internal dissension and led, in 1894, to a split in the movement.