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dissect / анализировать, препарировать, рассекать
analyze, dissect, decompose, anatomize, decompound, break down
dissect, prosect
dissect, cut, split, cleave, plow, swish
methodically cut up (a body, part, or plant) in order to study its internal parts.
In order to paint the human form better, he studied anatomy, dissecting many cadavers at a time when this was unusual, and drawing them in painstaking detail.
At the time, the knowledge of anatomy was developing rapidly but anatomists were only legally allowed to dissect the corpses of executed criminals.
People want to analyse and dissect the mind to an incredible level of detail, to understand personality, motivation, influences and intent.
In Scotland and in England royal assent was required in order to dissect the bodies of hanged felons.
Every so often, literary scholars seem to want to dissect an author's body of work, hoping to gain some insight into their personal life.
He has been accused of murdering beggars to dissect their bodies.
She'll analyse and dissect everything from 19th century Russian literature to salt and pepper shakers in pubs.
But since we have already started to dissect the list of nominees, we will take a peak at other outrages and oddities.
So let's dissect the system in detail this week.
It begins by looking at literary analysis where it is normal to dissect texts to understand the techniques they use to achieve aesthetic technique.
novels that dissect our obsession with cities and urban angst