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dissatisfy / вызывать недовольство, не удовлетворять
вызывать недовольство
discontent, dissatisfy
не удовлетворять
fail to satisfy (someone).
Apart from immersing myself in music via my portable minidisc player, in almost all other areas technology is boring me, sometimes actively dissatisfying me.
These small actions dissatisfy her seemingly endless rage.
After years of battling her body, Renata believed her appearance would always dissatisfy her.
We don't want to dissatisfy the people who have put their trust in us,’ he said.
All you ‘yes’ voters are equally selfish in your determination to pass a referendum that would dissatisfy the other half of the university.
The choice in a general election between two candidates either of whom can satisfy most people, or at least radically dissatisfy very few, always leaves some of us with no choice at all.
Companies don't have to subscribe to the notion that if the stock doesn't go up by 15% to 20%, they're going to dissatisfy the investor.
The Second Symphony is such a winning score that one might think it almost conducts itself, and there isn't a recording of it that really dissatisfies me.
Because government schooling is so bad, and dissatisfies such a gigantic amount of people, as represented in ‘survey upon survey,’ it therefore follows that they cannot be held liable for their faults!
He could see his answer dissatisfied her and she was reluctant to press him.
The plot is staid, with a particularly dissatisfying conclusion.