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disruptive / подрывной, разрушительный, пробивной
имя прилагательное
subversive, blasting, disruptive
destructive, devastating, disruptive, destroying, ruinous, subversive
punchy, disruptive, pushy, pushing, hotshot
имя прилагательное
causing or tending to cause disruption.
disruptive and delinquent children
The pupils said the boy was known for his disruptive behaviour and had been acting up in the lesson that day.
Goddard admits that his disruptive behaviour was akin to engaging in battle and resulted in his expulsion.
His behaviour was disruptive and he was arrested for motoring offences.
They have brought these children up to be disruptive and offensive.
In this case, the family have agreed to reform their disruptive behaviour in a pioneering legal deal.
A more straightforward, and less disruptive , solution to this problem would be to make the tests harder.
Their disruptive behaviour means that they often miss much of the teaching that is going on.
So the source of destructive and disruptive black behaviour is not in their culture.
Girls are responsible for a worrying surge in violent, bullying and disruptive behaviour in York schools.
A dedicated post to tackle disruptive behaviour on council estates will be created by Kingston Council.