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disrobe / раздеваться, раздевать, разоблачаться
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe
undress, strip, disrobe, peel, unclothe, dismantle
take off one's clothes.
the girl disrobed slowly and climbed into the high bed
The patient should completely disrobe and remove concealing cosmetics.
They were going to collectively disrobe and swim out to the fountain and this girl was a bit slow and wasn't ready for them to start.
Shankar tried to disrobe Mahua in a bid to examine her body.
As a further point to be noted by some haughty officials, in Greece it is very much frowned upon for the local girls to so disrobe on the beach.
Never before have women demonstrated in this manner anywhere in the country, where an attempt to disrobe Draupadi caused the Mahabharata war.
they walked to the vestry to disrobe
Ignoring the plaintive protests, I began to disrobe , assuring myself that a nice, calm bath would be just what I needed.
And how realistic is it for principals to disrobe students while a class is in session (or even after class, for that matter)?
she began to disrobe
I straddled his waist and started to disrobe him.