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disrespect / неуважение, непочтительность
имя существительное
contempt, disrespect, disregard, slight, impiety
disrespect, irreverence, impiety, flippancy
относиться непочтительно
имя существительное
lack of respect or courtesy.
growing disrespect for the rule of law
show a lack of respect for; insult.
a young brave who disrespects his elders
It will be a mark of disrespect to rip out our memorials.
Asking questions of one's teacher is considered, traditionally, as a challenge and a sign of disrespect .
If you make a global show of disrespect for your country, the global community in return will grow disrespect for you.
No disrespect to Mrs Griggs, but she doesn't actually live here.
Figures reveal that the most common complaint against the force is currently rudeness and disrespect .
These attempts achieved nothing other than to generate international disrespect for Australia as a nation.
They've all taken it in good part, though, and they realise that it's just a bit of fun and that no disrespect to them or their homeland is intended.
This bill shows the government's disrespect for basic human rights and established legal principles.
These are guys with a very healthy disrespect for all rules, regulations and policemen.
Certainly I mean no disrespect to the clubs and their core volunteers.