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disrepute / дурная слава, плохая репутация
имя существительное
дурная слава
notoriety, disrepute, ill fame, infamy, bad repute, disreputation
плохая репутация
bad name, disrepute, ill name
имя существительное
the state of being held in low esteem by the public.
one of the top clubs in the country is close to bringing the game into disrepute
Now its politicians are being brought into disrepute by incompetence, arrogance and ambition.
When a system is brought into disrepute , doubt is cast on all.
It's widely despised and held in disrepute by a large segment of the Saudi population.
I think that's all part of player and supporter interaction and acceptable as long as the game is not brought into disrepute .
This type of attack brings politics into disrepute and goes some way to accounting for the lack of interest in local elections.
He said the solicitors' code of conduct indicated that they should behave with dignity and not bring the profession into disrepute .
It will surely cause violence and bring our province into disrepute at a national and international level.
Without public support, the new laws will quickly fall into disrepute .
It has brought the game, in footballing parlance, into disrepute .
It just takes one incident like this to bring the whole force into disrepute , especially when police fine other drivers who do that.