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disrepair / неисправность, ветхость, плохое состояние
имя существительное
fault, defect, disrepair, disturbance
dilapidation, disrepair, decrepitude
плохое состояние
имя существительное
poor condition of a building or structure due to neglect.
the station gradually fell into disrepair
The main reasons for the poor condition of houses were disrepair and dampness.
Most of the money is being used for refurbishing properties which have fallen into disrepair and disuse.
To allow buildings to fall into such a state of disrepair that the council has to hold out its begging bowl is beyond belief.
The residents, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the estate is in a terrible state of disrepair .
He feared that the resulting neglect and disrepair of the track could lead to another crash.
The mill buildings fell into disrepair and became a favourite meeting-place for gangs of teenagers in Westbury.
The old railway station has been let fall into disrepair and is in a sad condition.
It closed again in 1968 and, despite being a listed building, it slid into a state of severe disrepair .
The difficulty is that when production systems are allowed to fall into disrepair they cannot quickly be brought back into use.
Salford Council wanted to close it after it had fallen into disrepair following vandalism and neglect.