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disregard / пренебрежение, игнорирование, неуважение
имя существительное
neglect, disregard, disdain, scorn, slight, disparagement
disregard, slight
contempt, disrespect, disregard, slight, impiety
ignore, disregard, overlook, defy, eliminate, elide
neglect, flout, disregard, ignore, disdain, defy
не обращать внимания
disregard, neglect, pass over, shrug off
имя существительное
the action or state of disregarding or ignoring something.
blatant disregard for the law
pay no attention to; ignore.
the body of evidence is too substantial to disregard
This total disregard for the Wiltshire farming community, unfortunately, is only one part of the picture.
What is it about this type of headgear, that usually heralds bad behaviour and total disregard for the safety of others.
Supreme courage coupled with disregard for self is not often seen but when it appears it must surely be the finest human virtue of all.
This encourages a lot of pushing, shoving and general disregard for other passengers.
To push on with the reclamation shows open disregard for these international agreements.
The most serious evidence of this disregard for content is the movie itself.
This disregard for the will of the people could not be allowed to continue.
This involves the prevailing sense of disregard for life at the fetal stage on the part of legislators.
We must put a stop to this reckless disregard for our national interest and we need to do so quickly.
His callous disregard for the priest also showed itself in his subsequent failure to discover whether he was dead or alive.