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disquieting / тревожный, беспокойный
имя прилагательное
alarming, anxious, disquieting, worried, uneasy, restless
restless, troubled, troublesome, hectic, anxious, disquieting
имя прилагательное
inducing feelings of anxiety or worry.
he found Jean's gaze disquieting
make (someone) worried or anxious.
she felt disquieted at the lack of interest the girl had shown
For these folks. triumph is disquieting and unseemly, especially when it is personified by a middle-aged white male who is not ashamed of it.
It's a disquieting , impressive exhibit, and so thoroughly creepy that afterwards, we REALLY needed a drink.
Late last month, the prolific historian had said in a Senate hearing that his examination of school history textbooks had shown a disquieting trend.
Not many science-fiction authors can spin off a great first chapter which is gives you a disquieting , grim gradual revelation of being in a completely alien environment.
For someone with such resolute political aims - namely, shedding light on disquieting social inequities - Ken Currie is a remarkably subtle painter.
A disquieting and disturbing aspect of the case was that the accused had become an arrestee, detainee and confessor of a crime before he was a suspect.
Once inside, he experiences a series of disquieting encounters, culminating in a hideous banquet.
While his fiction isn't particularly original, he does understand language - its disquieting rhythms and subtle undercurrents - and his music.
You must remember that I come from an essentially feudal country - and there are few things more disquieting than a feudal peace.
Corresponding to the interminability of public arguments there is at least the appearance of a disquieting private arbitrariness.