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disqualify / дисквалифицировать, лишать права, делать непригодным
disqualify, disenable
лишать права
disqualify, disable, debar, disentitle, incapacitate
делать непригодным
unfit, disable, incapacitate, indispose, disqualify
pronounce (someone) ineligible for an office or activity because of an offense or infringement.
he was disqualified from driving for six months
Will that disqualify me from claiming Council Tax Benefit?
This, and similar proposals for restrictions that would disqualify some existing parties from fielding candidates are discriminatory.
Magistrates have a discretion not to disqualify , but only if there are good reasons that fall within narrowly-defined limits.
I don't see how either of those aspects would technically disqualify me from an unwanted job at a pet store, so I had some hope left.
Being a maverick and an opportunist should hardly disqualify the man from running for national office.
Referee Lawrence Cole from Texas resisted the temptation to disqualify Drews but took two points from the German-based giant.
Well, any time you disqualify military votes you should be very, very careful about it, because they certainly deserve to be counted.
Ronald Ray points out that there is no inherent right to serve in the military, and many things can disqualify people from eligibility to serve.
The equivocation of its affirmation - if affirmation it be - is first among the defects that ought to disqualify this proposal.
Now if, in the view of many Australians, lying does not disqualify you from national leadership, then it is no good just going on calling politicians liars?