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dispute / спор, разногласия, диспут
имя существительное
dispute, controversy, argument, debate, quarrel, contest
dispute, friction
dispute, debate, disputation, argle-bargle, argy-bargy
challenge, dispute, contest, contend, debate, litigate
argue, dispute, debate, quarrel, contend, contest
discuss, debate, dispute, moot, polemize, talk over
имя существительное
a disagreement, argument, or debate.
a territorial dispute between the two countries
argue about (something); discuss heatedly.
I disputed the charge on the bill
compete for; strive to win.
the two drivers crashed while disputing the lead
The sheep farmers had been in dispute with factories over what they claimed was a serious cut in the price being paid for lamb.
a territorial dispute between the two countries
an industrial dispute
To be in dispute with the club for which he had played and coached has obviously cut deep, yet Telfer, true to form, rationalises the issue.
We had been in dispute with a major financial institution since February because we believed we had been sold an endowment policy that was not suitable.
Conductors are already in dispute with the company, while station and clerical staff are being balloted for industrial action.
As for her naïve belief that people would not fight to death over a parking space, Hilary Evans has clearly never seen my husband in dispute with another motorist.
The initial dispute led to a brawl involving over ten people in which one was hit with a glass or glass bottle.
The dispute is over management's failure to fully inform employees about adverse changes to their superannuation scheme.
Ms Baker is currently in dispute with West Wiltshire Housing Association, who she says are trying to evict her from the house for damage.