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disputation / диспут, спор, дебаты
имя существительное
dispute, debate, disputation, argle-bargle, argy-bargy
dispute, controversy, argument, debate, quarrel, disputation
debate, dispute, disputation
имя существительное
debate or argument.
promoting consensus rather than disputation
promoting consensus rather than disputation
Everyone will have scholarly and literary pretensions, scholars will become self-opinionated and fond of endless disputation .
The take-over of church powers added greatly to the patronage of the monarch but also involved him more directly in religious disputation at a time when the waves of controversy were beginning to run high.
But it is the media moguls' political connections and electoral support which lead to the greatest public controversy, the greatest anxiety among politicians and the greatest disputation as to the relevant facts.
a lengthy disputation about the rights and wrongs of a particular request
These results are not surprising given the low level of industrial disputation , and other survey evidence which suggests many employees are worried about their level of security at work.
the founding father of logical disputation
What they let slip, of course, is that theology, polemic, disputation , and argument were in fact a thriving industry in the early centuries of Islam.
We see the Family Relationship Centres as being the initial shock absorber, if I can put it that way, of the disputation and the disagreement following a separation.
Even the content of this table talk is shared with the scholars' disputation .