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dispossess / выселять, лишать собственности, лишать владения
evict, move out, dispossess, eject, oust, thrust out
лишать собственности
лишать владения
deprive (someone) of something that they own, typically land or property.
they were dispossessed of lands and properties at the time of the Reformation
Some say that it would be cruel to dispossess these people of the only means of making money that they have.
he used to ride out and dispossess his tenants as the spirit moved him
The child, absorbed in the story, feels as if she is walking ‘on a parterre of tomahawks,’ aware perhaps that her own people dispossessed the Native Americans.
Kaberry associated with the Durack's, a pastoral family, who dispossessed Aboriginal people, desecrating sites and trampling over country: did this ever concern her?
Progressives should ask why the vote no longer provides the dispossessed with the same power.
Arnold has no time for the western powers which trumpet about democracy because white farmers are dispossessed of the land that their forefathers stole from Africans.
Frederick himself died, still dispossessed , in 1632.
Nothing drives people to terrorism better than seeing their loved ones killed, maimed, tortured, arbitrarily detained, humiliated, or dispossessed .
They seized property which had been stripped from peasants labeled as kulaks and dispossessed , returning it to its owners.
After this unequal division, the new regime uprooted and dispossessed 750,000 people living there.