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dispositive / распорядительный
имя прилагательное
relating to or bringing about the settlement of an issue or the disposition of property.
such litigation will rarely be dispositive of any question
One of my clients, for example, was concerned about the dispositive provisions of an irrevocable life insurance trust he established 10 years ago.
Often, the notes achieve a dispositive characteristic for the fact finder where facts are in dispute.
If so, the location of the dropstones might be dispositive .
The criterion for the category of dispositive treaties is evidently an elusive one.
Those allegations, if proven, will be helpful in providing severity or pervasiveness - as is the fact that Hayut was majoring in the subject the professor taught - but they will still not be dispositive .
Such similar results are interesting, I suppose, but hardly theologically dispositive .
Neither opposing principle is dispositive of any individual case.
Like the trial court, we, too, find the case of California Medical, supra, 79 Cal.App.4th 542 applicable and dispositive to the issue raised on appeal.
Whether there was a prior inconsistent agreement is in my view clearly a genuine issue of material fact requiring trial and is dispositive of the summary judgment motion.
How the authority perceived the terms of that document cannot be dispositive , or even relevant, if its perception involved an error of law.