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disposal / удаление, распоряжение, размещение
имя существительное
remove, removal, deletion, disposal, excision, ablation
disposal, order, disposition, command, direction, writ
placement, placing, deployment, allocation, layout, disposal
имя существительное
the action or process of throwing away or getting rid of something.
the disposal of radioactive waste
the sale of shares, property, or other assets.
the disposal of his shares in the company
the arrangement or positioning of something.
she brushed her hair carefully, as if her success lay in the sleek disposal of each gleaming black thread
Bradford Council has also issued a warning to business and residents, urging them to beware of conmen who are charging for waste disposal and then dumping it illegally.
Andersen said Duncan called an urgent meeting to organize the quick disposal of Enron-related documents.
She allegedly forced treasures down the waste disposal or threw others into the Rhine-Rhone canal near the Swiss border.
What determines the disposal of energy in the products of electronically inelastic collisions?
All the appliances are new - the refrigerator, garbage disposal and a microwave built in over the stove.
A player who is infringed upon, immediately following the disposal of the ball, may have a fellow team-mate take the free kick from the spot where the ball landed after being disposed of.
Such a demonstration is essential to establishing informed public perceptions about the safety of nuclear waste disposal as an industrial process.
That is not the distribution of property or disposal of property about which the delegate of the Commissioner formed his opinion.
The roots hold that soil through transport and processing, causing costly disposal problems.
The expansion may boost an industry that stagnated in North America and Western Europe because of concern about safety and disposal of radioactive waste.