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disport / развлекаться, резвиться, забавляться
have a good time, recreate, sport, dally, disport, disport oneself
frolic, sport, play, frisk, rollick, disport
play, toy, lark, fool with, skylark, disport
enjoy oneself unrestrainedly; frolic.
a painting of lords and ladies disporting themselves by a lake
имя существительное
diversion from work or serious matters; recreation or amusement.
the King and all his Court were met for solace and disport
Yet for disport we fawn and flatter both.
the King and all his Court were met for solace and disport
I've always been impressed by the fact that my readers generally disport themselves in a courteous and civilized fashion.
This policeman has an insatiable desire for disport , so he rides this small bike in no time when he sees it.
the King and all his Court were met for solace and disport
While father and daughter disport themselves, textile unrest grows.
The Advent fast ended on Christmas Eve; then there were twelve days of feasting, banqueting, pageantry, disguising, and convivial merrymaking, all presided over by the Lord of Misrule, or Master of Merry Disports .
Recently two whales were disporting themselves in the balmy early spring waters of Sydney Harbour.
We wouldn't have been surprised to see them the next day disporting themselves on the golf course or the Tennis court with equal verve and dash.
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