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displease / не нравиться, раздражать, сердить
не нравиться
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, rile
incense, anger, disgruntle, irritate, displease, exasperate
make (someone) feel annoyed or dissatisfied.
the tone of the letter displeased him
On both counts, national political leaders will displease their masters: oil supplies will not be adequate nor secure, and the workers will not be docile.
‘That's a possibility that doesn't displease me,’ he said.
I could also extend effective protection to upright officers who happened to displease powerful politicians.
If you are negative to your neighbour because he happens to practise a religion that you dislike, you will be negative to all else who displease you one way or another.
Every week he pours out his bile on all who displease him.
The reality, say several aides who did not wish to be quoted because it might displease the president, did not really sink in until Thursday night.
You can still do those things even if they displease your parents.
And when you're the king, you can banish the insiders who displease you and you can try to buy off the outsiders.
But if pressed, she'll admit the new digital ones displease her.
We need to get over our cultural cringe and recognise we have a national interest and occasionally acting in that interest will displease people and governments in other parts of the world.