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displacement / смещение, перемещение, сдвиг
имя существительное
bias, offset, displacement, removal, dislocation, translation
movement, displacement, motion, transfer, relocation, migration
shift, shear, translation, displacement, shearing, change
имя существительное
the moving of something from its place or position.
vertical displacement of the shoreline
the occupation by a submerged body or part of a body of a volume that would otherwise be occupied by a fluid.
For dog lungs, volumes obtained by fluid displacement even after pressure release were found to be 14% higher than by the Cavalieri method.
the unconscious transfer of an intense emotion from its original object to another one.
this phobia was linked with the displacement of fear of his father
the component of an electric field due to free separated charges, regardless of any polarizing effects.
The efficiency of inducing charge displacement was membrane potential dependent.
The Employment Policies Institute says, We have this displacement effect, or we expect this displacement effect, and therefore the living wage is not a viable policy.
She acknowledges that displacement here no longer spells exile; it can mean instead an exhilarating sense of life at the interstices.
This does not, however, affect the total vertical displacement of the cantilever.
Regular villas for Roman colonists in Kent: evidence suggests massive displacement of native farmers after Roman conquest
The inward displacement applied at the vertical edges is reduced to 200 m.
a fixed displacement gear
A building-by-building response simply cannot keep up with the city-wide surge in rents or the waves of displacement that result.
There are three possible resolutions to displacement : return and repatriation, resettlement, or asylum in another country.
vertical displacement of the shoreline
The magnitude of 100 mV in the V-motion signal corresponds to 20 nm of vertical displacement .