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displace / вытеснять, смещать, замещать
displace, crowd out, supplant, supersede, crowd, oust
displace, remove, depose, dislodge, dislocate, translocate
replace, substitute, surrogate, override, displace, act
take over the place, position, or role of (someone or something).
in the northern states of India, Hindi has largely displaced English
These findings suggest that placing a patient in the modified Trendelenburg position can effectively displace blood from the lower extremities into the central circulation to improve hemodynamics.
The economic rise of China inevitably means it will play a larger political and diplomatic role, and it would dearly love to displace America as the dominant Western Pacific power.
Inevitably another country, another national super-brand will displace Britain in the imaginations of the migrants and the flow will be diverted.
It was unsettling that a newbie to the school could displace him so easily.
He says it will simply displace American workers.
For me, the club most likely to displace the Toffees in the top four are Bolton Wanderers.
The magazine affirmed the right to equal pay for equal work, especially since women working for lower wages might actually either displace men altogether or force them to work for lower wages.
It was vital to protect the democratic process and a very strong message should be sent to the government rejecting any move to displace the elected representatives.
Let them know that you want to be an involved friend, but that you do not want to displace the natural parent.
Even Yeltsin's drive to create a Russian presidency in 1991 envisioned using the new office not to displace the Soviet president but to force Gorbachev to follow his lead.