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dispirit / удручать, приводить в уныние
oppress, dispirit, deject, aggrieve, try
приводить в уныние
dishearten, depress, dispirit, dismay, chill, flatten
cause (someone) to lose enthusiasm or hope.
the army was dispirited by the uncomfortable winter conditions
I hate to dispirit my readers like that, but that's just the way things go sometimes.
In doing so it will hopefully help puncture the ideological claims that have done much to demoralise workers and dispirit potential students of work and employment relations.
You can dispirit the Iraqi people by sending mixed messages.
I guess this is the price Zambia has to pay for failing to beat Ghana in Lusaka but having to win in Ghana should inspire rather than dispirit the players.
Famine and disease had ravished and dispirited the people and emigration had drained the land of most of its youth.
But Pietro is too lost in his own daydreams and dispirited behavior to pay attention to his studies.
Standing in the middle of the Main Street, looking at the crowd in front of him, his light-heartedness was quickly overwhelmed by dispiritedness .
He came to Devizes in 1989 to take over a rather dispirited congregation, which had suffered from constant changes in clergy over a short period.
There are one or two other people slouching around the departure area dispiritedly .
And so the deluge of emotion in the concluding scenes comes off as dispiritingly false, even if the storytelling talent which preceded it was undoubtedly real.