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dispersion / дисперсия, рассеивание, разброс
имя существительное
diffusion, dispersion, scattering, dissipation, dispersal, scatter
scatter, dispersion, spreading
dissipation, dispersion, leakage, diaspora
имя существительное
the action or process of distributing things or people over a wide area.
some seeds rely on birds for dispersion
Thus, the dispersion ensured that within a short time certain fixed differences would become apparent in some of the small groups, which we would call separate ‘races’.
The pictures are the outcome of dispersion of ink by folding and unfolding the paper,’ he says.
The most obvious way of measuring dispersion is by the range.
The Arab dispersion came about piecemeal, through the ebb and flow of war.
This dispersion is further exacerbated by the relative rise of employment in the service sector.
How radical innovation emerges from growing content variety and context dispersion in some recombination process is not explained.
The history of Jewish dispersion has led to the outstanding diversity of the Jewish people, who have settled in countries as disparate as Morocco, Cuba, and Australia.
A number of subsequent studies have examined the relationship of employment performance and earnings dispersion with less clear-cut results than implied in the Jobs Study.
Although it has long been known that a rainbow is produced by the dispersion of white light through rain droplets via refraction, there is far more to this optical phenomenon than first meets the eye.
If they have already separated into several groups for a significant time before such a wide dispersion , then there is likely to be more than one surname present today.