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disperse / диспергировать, рассеять, расходиться
dispel, dissipate, disperse, scatter
diverge, disperse, break, break up, separate, disband
имя прилагательное
rarefied, thin, tenuous, rare, expanded, disperse
distribute or spread over a wide area.
storms can disperse seeds via high altitudes
имя прилагательное
denoting a phase dispersed in another phase, as in a colloid.
emulsions should be examined after storage for droplet size of the disperse phase
The location could not have been better: within easy reach of Washington, yet protected by the Allegheny mountains and with prevailing winds from Canada to disperse any radiation.
He reasoned that any effect due to nearby cities would be more pronounced in calm conditions, when the wind could not disperse the heat.
Interior minister Francois Boko said soldiers had fired warning shots to disperse a crowd of protesters who had surrounded their vehicle in the neighbourhood of Be, an opposition stronghold.
Is there any indication in the tapes that they have learned how to disperse it over a wide area, say in a public theater, or a train station?
The particles are referred to as the disperse phase while the other phase is termed the dispersion medium or continuous phase.
About 30 firefighters from across the county battled for more than four hours to spray water onto the gas cloud in a bid to disperse it.
The ceilings are configured to disperse reflected light evenly throughout the rooms.
Technically, the liquid which forms droplets is known as the disperse phase, and the liquid in which these drops are scattered is known as the dispersion medium.
The voices of the towns people broke out into a hive of excited chatter as they began to disperse in different directions.
On the 23rd, cold and dry weather blew in from the East, and this caused the clouds to disperse , lifting the veil that the Germans had been fighting under.