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dispenser / раздаточное устройство, фармацевт, разливной автомат
имя существительное
раздаточное устройство
pharmacist, dispenser, druggist, pharmaceutist, apothecary
разливной автомат
имя существительное
a person or thing that dispenses something.
his role as protector of the weak and dispenser of justice
And, if you come across a paper towel dispenser with a lever, use your elbow instead of your hands - and don't touch the sinks, door handles or toilets after you've dried.
Watching their antics and dexterity as they extract food from the dispenser can provide many live hours of enjoyment and entertainment.
She has always been a meticulous dispenser of justice.
his role as protector of the weak and dispenser of justice
So how do we apply for a grant to get a nicotine patch dispenser machine fitted in the bus shelter?
The Railway administration also declared open a coin dispenser machine and automatic platform ticket vending machine.
Lord Ganesha, the infallible dispenser of justice, is worshipped at all holy places before his elder brother, Kumar Kartikeya.
He chased me to the kitchen, and then saw the automatic ice dispenser on the door of my fridge.
a paper towel dispenser
The double gourd was the attribute of the Taoist immortal Li Tieguai, the dispenser of magic medicines.