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dispensary / диспансер, амбулатория, аптека
имя существительное
dispensary, health center
dispensary, clinic, ambulant clinic
pharmacy, drugstore, apothecary, dispensary, chemist's shop
имя существительное
a room where medicines are prepared and provided.
From obstetrics, she went to the dispensary and the emergency room.
a clinic provided by public or charitable funds.
In one such camp there is only one doctor from a Rajasthan hospital, Dr Aquil Ansari who has opened a temporary dispensary in a class room and who is tending to patients day and night.
There will be ten consultant rooms, two treatment rooms to be used by nurse practitioners and district nurses, a minor operations room, a health education room for health visitors, a counselling room and a dispensary .
They tried to pressure him into closing his dispensary .
For example, a local doctor contracted to provide care to Woomera detainees noted that the dispensary at the camp did not fill at least one prescription he provided to an inmate because the drug was regarded as excessively expensive.
The dispensary , with its scores of bottles containing different coloured medicines on the shelves, has been left just as Alf would have found it in the 1950s.
Just £300 could buy a kit of equipment and medicines for a village dispensary , which enables a trained volunteer health worker to detect and treat the majority of simple illnesses among rural children and mothers.
The centre is equipped with a dispensary having all herbal medicines and expert druggists from the AVP.
His activities are listed as preaching, open-air mission, medical treatment and education, together with building schools, a medical dispensary , a place of worship and a missionary house.
All that left was for the dispensary to issue some medicine, which they did, but not before the women lying on the bench next to me vomited all over the floor.
When completed it will consist of a full primary school of 16 classrooms, a dispensary , nursery school, playgrounds, sanitation facilities, a brothers' house and staff house.
The new unit offers spacious consultation rooms designed to maximise privacy and dignity, a pharmacy dispensary , a cancer information and support centre, a comfortable waiting area and a refreshment bar staffed by volunteers.