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dispensable / необязательный, несущественный
имя прилагательное
optional, dispensable, permissive, elective, facultative
insignificant, inessential, immaterial, inconsequential, nonessential, dispensable
имя прилагательное
able to be replaced or done without; superfluous.
tiny battlefield robots will be cheap and dispensable
We should not, however, assume from this that for Augustine-or for us-this parable is dispensable , a redundant repetition of a message that we already know from elsewhere.
Connacht, so long the political, social and economic ‘whipping boy’ of this island of ours, are once more found dispensable .
During the last century, when communism attempted to conquer the world, the poor were never better than its dispensable foot-soldiers.
The fourth group can be characterized as the urban working class, most of whom are increasingly dispensable and replaceable; their diminished prospects cause them to be generally opposed to globalization.
This formulation of the argument begins by asking a simple question: When looking at the inherited traditions of a society, how can we know with certainty which are essential and which are dispensable ?
In short, he has become politically dispensable .
If - heaven forbid - things did get out of hand, better to have a row of eminently dispensable foreign journalists in the most vulnerable seats than the prime minister and his entourage.
Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the Minister condemned those who have said that Irish has no place in modern society and that it is a dispensable relic from the past.
The ‘value’ of UN authority proved to be as dispensable as the Third Way.
And I have come to feel really dispensable , as though my initiative and judgment - the things that I personally can bring to the job - are not only unnecessary but unwelcome.