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dispatch / отправка, отправление, отсылка
имя существительное
dispatch, shipment, forwarding, despatch
administration, departure, dispatch, transmission, despatch, start
reference, dispatch, remittance, despatch
send, dispatch, transmit, forward, despatch, refer
expel, deport, send out, banish, dispatch, proscribe
быстро выполнять
expedite, dispatch, despatch
имя существительное
the sending of someone or something to a destination or for a purpose.
a resolution authorizing the dispatch of a peacekeeping force
an official report on state or military affairs.
in his battle dispatch he described the gunner's bravery
the killing of someone or something.
the legendary dispatch of villains by a hero
send off to a destination or for a purpose.
he dispatched messages back to base
deal with (a task, problem, or opponent) quickly and efficiently.
they dispatched the opposition
First, there's a dispatch from AP reporter Margie Mason, who took a trip up the Bay Hap river in August.
The police dispatch centre phones you back, and sends the nearest available police vehicle to the scene, staying on the line with you to keep up to date on your situation.
Matthew Cotton shepherded the book through production with dispatch and tact, and Sarah Barrett's sharp editorial eye and sense of style saved me many errors.
The dispatch of French troops to Ituri is presented as the ‘first large-scale, independent European military operation.’
But the same end could be achieved by less draconian means if the magistrates' courts were empowered to work faster so that those found guilty could be jailed with dispatch .
the executioner's merciful dispatch of his victims
Arriving rangers had to dispatch two of the animals.
Hanson brilliantly explains what took us so long - and why it would have been better to act with dispatch .
Consider its hapless efforts to handle major national questions such as the troop dispatch to Iraq or the parliamentary ratification of the Korea-Chile free trade agreement.
He may not yet boast the fanbase of his renowned sibling, nor the obligatory website to which ski enthusiasts dispatch goodwill messages, and Noel has not even acquired a nickname.