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disparity / неравенство, несоответствие, несоразмерность
имя существительное
inequality, disparity, odds, imparity
discrepancy, disparity, nonconformity, nonconformance, imbalance, incompatibility
disproportion, disparity, incommensurability, inadequacy
имя существительное
a great difference.
economic disparities between different regions of the country
There seems little doubt that there remains a disparity between women's pay and that of their male counterparts.
Waterhouse explained his justification for the disparity between program fees.
The ease with which we now travel over land has led to a great disparity between prehistoric and modern perceptions of islands.
He believes that the growing disparity between the rich and poor of the world is a disaster that will lead to more terrorist outrages.
And we have a wide disparity between the simply poor and the poorest of the poor.
The disparity in fees between different schools can be overwhelming.
His shots do help demonstrate the disparity between different films.
And of course, the last explanation for the disparity , is the one that you point out.
the great disparity of weight between the sun and the planets
In any case, the wide disparity of incomes and egos leads to a certain instability.