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disparate / несоизмеримый, в корне отличный, несопоставимый
имя прилагательное
incommensurable, disparate, incommensurate
в корне отличный
имя прилагательное
essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison.
they inhabit disparate worlds of thought
имя существительное
things so unlike that there is no basis for comparison.
The second class of disparates have more to do with the particular foibles of the aperture involved.
He compartmentalises the disparate aspects of his life and shifts gears between them on the spot, rarely looking back.
Like the time you handled a disgruntled team of disparate personalities while doing a college project.
There is also the question of disparate impact, particularly upon minorities and the poor.
But it seems our aesthetic is so fractured, so disparate now that there's no common thread, no anchor to hang on to.
Not surprisingly, this vast and disparate cast of characters is hard pressed to agree on so vast and disparate an agenda.
Instead, the exhibition drew out some of the common themes and ideas that emerged in what was a disparate group of works.
At the root of differing transatlantic views of nature were utterly disparate sagas of land settlement.
Here the demand, however, is very diffuse, confused, composed of disparate elements.
He teases his viewers with disparate elements that are not always easy to identify.
But it has really hit a nerve with a disparate , diverse audience from all walks of life.