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disorientate / дезориентировать, сбивать с толку, вводить в заблуждение
disorient, disorientate, misinform
сбивать с толку
confuse, bewilder, baffle, mislead, perplex, disorientate
вводить в заблуждение
mislead, deceive, delude, misguide, misinform, disorientate
Debb led her through a maze of corridors, up stairs, through rooms, as if trying to confuse or disorientate her.
When he finally regained full consciousness, he was temporarily disorientated by his surroundings.
This structure mirrors the confusion and disorientation of the battle being fought.
And even just not having telephones is adding to a sense of insecurity and sort of disorientation .
I need to tell him things, to share my state of disorientation , my utterly confused self.
The one time we tried this, he was disorientated and reacted so violently that we decided it was in his best interest to be nursed at home.
The practice staff have nurtured Princess back to health and they are sure she must have been disorientated and lost her way.
And after years of lost post and disorientated visitors, it seems the residents may finally have their way.
In the final stage there is severe disorientation and confusion.
Sweat dripped down her brow and the darkness disorientated her.