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disorderly / беспорядочно
disorderly, irregularly, confusedly, helter-skelter, hugger-mugger, pell-mell
имя прилагательное
messy, disorderly, random, erratic, indiscriminate, irregular
disorderly, ragtime
имя существительное
неопрятный человек
имя прилагательное
lacking organization; untidy.
his life was as disorderly as ever
Mixing raw and cooked food together, disorderly arrangements and cross pollution are seen as roots of the problem.
The 18-year-old, who is also charged with disorderly behaviour, was in the Piccadilly area with a group of friends when the alleged assault took place.
He pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and was fined £100, plus court costs of £60 over the incident.
The US was faced with only two choices: orderly retreat, or disorderly retreat.
In addition, protein metabolism becomes chaotic and disorderly , leading to mutant antibodies becoming auto-antibodies.
They say he was drunk, disorderly and resisted arrest.
To outsiders, the garden is a space of chaotic, disorderly difference and sensory assault.
Refugee flows, by their nature, are chaotic and disorderly .
In addition to the simple geometric figure, nature offers us a spectacle of the branched, jagged and seemingly disorderly structures that pose a challenge to geometry.
Ordinary residents should be able to go into the town centre and enjoy a drink or a meal without coming across disorderly behaviour.