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dismount / спешиться, размонтировать, спешиваться
dismount, alight
имя существительное
descent, down, downhill, escapement, launching, dismount
отход от снаряда
alight from a horse, bicycle, or other thing that one is riding.
After reaching the bank, Weatherford dismounted , checked his horse for injuries and rode away, unharmed.
remove (something) from its support.
we have to dismount the pump
имя существительное
a move in which a gymnast jumps off an apparatus or completes a floor exercise.
on the uneven bars the women go for ever more complex dismounts
Scouts are able to dismount all of the surveillance equipment from the vehicle for use in an observation post or for training.
If this is happens to you, dismount your bike and walk through the area to avoid the risk of falls.
The operator tried to dismount the unix hard drive with the DISMOUNT command.
The plane landed and we began to dismount the plane.
Hamm, 19, fell off on a layout Tkatchev and took a scary fall on his dismount , when his grip slipped off the bar.
Gill peeled off on his bail to the dismount and landed heavily on his side.
Less common mechanisms are advanced floor tumbling routines, performing on a wet surface, and the dismount .
The first team to dismount one of the opposing team's penguins with a jousting lance is declared the winner.
She pretty much nailed everything yesterday, including the dismount .
The suspended person is not allowed to be inverted (head below horizontal) or to rotate on the dismount .